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Computer support specialists install equipment, assist users with technology or software… The application can be submitted online and takes just a few minutes to complete. Our application process takes just a few minutes to complete, but we want to make sure you have the things you’ll need on hand to complete the application. We’re here to help if you have any questions while submitting your application. CASP+ is an advanced certification that validates critical thinking and judgment across a spectrum of security disciplines in complex environments. CompTIA certifications establish a baseline foundation of skills that you can build upon with other vendor or technology-specific certifications.

cybersecurity specialist courses

Students will learn about name resolution and TCP/IP naming services and how to navigate the Cisco IOS interface and perform basic operations on Cisco routers and switches. That often means that continuing education is required — both in the form of formal, industry-recognized certifications —  and in the form of informal learning and tracking industry developments. Cybersecurity specialists are also responsible for continual monitoring security systems and networks for anomalies and tracking those activities in documents and reports.

Who should enroll in this program?

This CCNA security course teaches the student the understanding, implementation, and verification of security best practices on Cisco hardware and software. Students will learn common threats on Cisco router and switches, including blended threats, and how to mitigate them. The students will gain knowledge of the lifecycle approach for a security policy as well as comparing and contrasting intrusion prevention systems (IPS) versus intrusion detection systems (IDS). StationX offers dozens of related to cybersecurity, including those teaching ethical hacking, penetration testing, networking, DevSec, digital forensics, cloud security, networking and incident response. It even has courses centered around passing top security certifications and preparing for examinations. Cybersecurity specialists play a crucial role in the protection of information systems.

cybersecurity specialist courses

This is where a strong defending mechanism of cybersecurity comes into play. This course will explore the installation and administration of Windows Server on-premises, hybrid, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform workloads. Students will learn to integrate Windows Server environments with Azure services and manage Windows Server in on premise and hybrid networks.

Introduction to Cyber Security (FutureLearn)

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to develop a cyber risk mitigation strategy for your business or that of a client. You’ll also have knowledge of the legal and compliance processes that accompany cyberattacks. Considering each normally costs $90–$2,000, the discounted VIP fee of $149 (usually $1,199) per year is well worth it.

  • Coursework will focus on analyzing the cyber threat landscape, implementing innovative controls and actively defending against attacks.
  • Cybersecurity professionals who can protect and defend an organization’s network are in high-demand right now.
  • The following section explores differences among various subsets of cybersecurity.
  • Students will explore the uses of scripting languages and third party modules for accomplishing tasks including scanning, enumeration and automation of network tasks.
  • Students will learn to integrate Windows Server environments with Azure services and manage Windows Server in on premise and hybrid networks.

In this course, learners explore key command line concepts and enterprise-level tools. They investigate foundational Linux skills and core tasks such as file management; file systems and storage; and the update, install, and configuration of software packages. Upon successful completion of this course and the second course in this series (Red Hat SystemAdministration II), learners will be prepared to take the Red Hat Certified SystemAdministrator (RHCSA) exam. In this course, students investigate switching, routing, and wireless essentials. They configure, troubleshoot, and secure routers and switches in a small network. They explore wireless local area networks (WLANs), dynamic addressing, switch security, and first-hope redundancy protocols.

Four key steps to becoming a cybersecurity specialist

Participants who pass this exam may then attend the advanced trainings, which are specialized and focus on a defined target group. You are not required to renew your ISA/IEC certificate(s); however, once obtained your certificate(s) will only be considered current for three (3) years. To learn more about extending the current status of your certificate(s), visit the Certificate Renewal page. This can take the form of other, related work experience, or it can take the form of a structured internship or other formal hands-on learning. It’s packed with videos and tutorials and can be accessed as open courseware anytime on any device.

The Microsoft cybersecurity analyst certificate is a foundational certification that enables students to enter the cybersecurity industry. Cybersecurity classes, courses, and training solutions are an excellent way for IT professionals to stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity threats. In this course, learners explore key tasks needed to become a Linux administrator. Upon successful completion of this cybersecurity specialist courses course learners will be prepared to take the Red Hat Certified SystemAdministrator (RHCSA) exam. Topics will include the Internet, OSI model, wireless, security, logical and physical topologies, instant messaging, basic router setup and switch configuration, network connectivity, and hardware and software configurations. You will also learn how to create local area networks and wide area networks.

cybersecurity specialist courses

Udemy courses include a 30-day money-back guarantee and full lifetime access. The eight-week course explores how students can recognize and prevent online security threats from damaging any online ecosystem. There are also topics covering the importance of compliance to preserve cybersecurity in the workplace. With no prior knowledge of cybersecurity required, this beginner-friendly training course is ideal for those just entering the workforce or switching fields. We’ve reviewed some of the most highly renowned and reputable cybersecurity courses and certifications on the market to bring you a list of the best solutions to expand your education. After upgrading the IoT devices, the students secure these devices by applying industry best practices.

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