31 Unexpected Things To Bring To College That You’ll Definitely Use

I have these fluffy criss cross slippers and I absolutely love them. They keep my feet warm without making them get too hot and sweaty. You don’t want to be constantly woken up by the sound of your neighbors talking or blasting music. unexpected things to bring to college You definitely do NOT want to be known as that roommate that stinks up the room with their sweaty gym shoes. When the top pin is removed, it activates a super loud siren and a flashing strobe light that helps deter a potential attack.

In much of my free time, I compared the deeply personal, embattled reviews of those defending various middle-priced sheets and dorm room fans. So, as you prepare to embark on your college journey, take a moment to consider these things college students wish they’d brought to college. Whether you use communal showers or share a bath with roommates, you really do need a bathrobe.

  1. A safe should be on your list of college considerations, especially if you have important documents you have to keep on you.
  2. The ultimate college packing list should be a mix of the above items.
  3. Leaving for college can be exciting, but trying to check everything off of your college checklist can be stressful, especially if done at the last minute.

Bring plenty of extra sweatshirts to stay cozy on days you don’t quite need a jacket. These waterproof boots for men and women have a sole designed to grip wet surfaces. The thicker insole is designed to keep your feel comfortable, even during a long day of standing or walking. If you have trouble concentrating in noisy spaces, wearing these noise cancelling headphones is an easy way to get back work. Again not something you’ll need if your dorm has one bathroom for the whole floor. But if you share a bathroom with your roommates or suite mates, you’ll have to bring your own hand soap.

Before You Pack: Understanding the Realities of Dorm Life

That’s why I put together this list of unexpected things to bring to college. Most dorm buildings offer communal vacuums, but they’re usually ancient and bulky. Plus you don’t want to have to go all the way to the front desk every time you spill your cheez-its on the floor. I used command strips and hooks for hanging pictures, string lights, tapestries, and all of the other decor in my dorm room. Do yourself a favor and stock up on these before the school year starts.

Laundry Carrying Bag

If you need to attach a gaming computer or a laptop to a television, you’ll need HDMI cables. Knowing exactly how high it is can let you know if you need to see a doctor. https://turbo-tax.org/ Liquid IV can make you feel better and may even save you a trip to health services. If you’re going to college in a cold climate, you might want an electric blanket.

This clip-on nightstand works as a drink holder, charging station, and bedside table. You will love how it keeps your essentials at arms reach while you sleep. This clear acrylic jewelry box can store earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. In small dorm rooms, every bit of space counts, so you’ll want to maximize your under bed storage. Having a place to store your shoes so they’re organized and off the floor is so important in a tiny dorm room.

Unexpected Things to Bring to College for Move-In Day

However, there are certain things you just don’t need to include when packing for college. But they’re totally optional items to add to a college packing checklist. These items can make a dorm room more comfortable or make your life a little easier. This is a top pick from The New York Time Wirecutter product review site.

Unexpected Things to Bring to College: Fun Things

So you can pick the bedskirt that is perfect for the height of your bed. This portable lap desk has an anti-slip wrist pad, a storage pocket, and a holder for your phone or tablet. In a dorm, where people are always coming and going, it’s smart to have a safe to deter theft. The Master Lock personal safe is a good way to protect things like your passport, social security card, credit cards, cash, or small personal items. These space saving hangers allow you to store more clothes in small spaces than with regular hangers.

Storage Cart

Overall, the customer satisfaction with this bag is over the roof and all the customers who gave it glowing reviews commend its versatility and strength/durability. For the college student who would also be doing a bit of traveling, this bag is a must-have. In this list, you will find things that everyone needs for college as well as all the best things to take to college to make college life easier and smoother for you.

Since dorm rooms can be on the smaller side and keeping all of your stuff organized is important, getting an organizer for your jewelry is a must-have. If you are going to a college where it rains frequently, you may not have thought of purchasing rain boots. An effective all-purpose cleaner is a must-have dorm cleaning supply. The Method All-Purpose Cleaner can remove dirt, grease, and grim from just about any household surface without causing damage. Its plant-based, biodegradable formula and 100% recycled packaging also makes it eco-friendly.

Raising your bed just a little will give you some useful under-bed storage. Falling out of a lofted dorm bed can cause serious harm or even death. If you fall from a lofted dorm bed, you could face significant recovery time, delays to your education, and potentially lifelong challenges. This mattress protector encases your mattress and mattress topper.

It’s nice to have antibacterial soap in your dorm room to prevent germs from spreading. I learned the hard way both my freshman year and the summer between sophomore and junior year to ALWAYS have an umbrella with you no matter what. The way thing you want is your expensive laptop getting wet (because it happened to me). It’s a smart option to have one because the last thing you want to do when you’re sick is make a trip to the pharmacy. You will most likely be screwing and fixing a few things here and there with your roommate throughout the year, so having a toolkit around is a must. It’s 100x better to walk with an umbrella after class when raining instead of soaking wet from top to bottom..

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